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Airport information - Matamoros

Matamoros (Spanish Matamoros) - a town in the municipality of the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. Situated on the right bank of the Rio Grande River, near the mouth of the river, on the border with the U.S.. Opposite the town, on the left bank of the river is the city of Brownsville, Texas, USA. The land on which the city is located, was once inhabited koaviltekami, but they were almost completely destroyed during the Spanish conquest of Mexico. Matamoros airport is located in Matamoros. Matamoros runway has a length of 2300 m Airport operates regular flights to the main airports of Mexico as well as international flights. Tel: +52 (01)88 12-26-17, +52 (01)88 12-00-01, +52 (01)88 12-39-99, Fax: +52 (01)88 12-24-57, +52 (01)88 12-02-14 (Matamoros - General Servando Canales International Airport): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Mariano_Matamoros_Airport.

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